Sandpiper member artist Bob Granzow

As long as I can remember I've been hooked on airplanes and interested in photography. For a while airplanes won out over photography and I jumped head-first into everything aerodynamic, including building my own airplane. I found the science of aviation fascinating. How aerodynamics, aircraft structures and pilot-machine interface combined to propel us through the air almost became an obsession. Then I started to realize that this was all an art form. Aerodynamics produces graceful curves and shapes that efficiently deflect air in a way that lifts a heavy structure controlled by a human, and these heavy structures are sculptures that fly.

Now I do photography and my approach is the same. It's interesting to me how all the different ways there are to record photons of light produce photographs. It's up to the photographer to see the quality of light and how it reflects from the subject, then make the photograph in a way that it all comes together to produce what is hopefully art. That's what I try to do with what nature has put right in front of us. As one learns about light and watches light change it's amazing what one will see.

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