Sandpiper member artist Larry Kjorvestad

Larry Kjorvestad

Larry Kjorvestad

I was raised in Montana and graduated from Flathead County High School.

I was given my first camera, to take with me on my tour in the army. After being discharged, I started reading everything I could about film, lighting, filters, and composition. I purchased magazines like Look, Life and Sports Illustrated, news publications, travel magazines, anything with photos. I would go through them, selecting the best photographs and try to understand what it was that made them good.

I teamed with a writer and did some freelancing for magazines. Our first article was published in 1975, and my first color spread was published in 1976. I worked for the magazine the next few years and produced three covers and numerous photo assignments; see my Facebook page under albums and publications.

If I have an idol or someone I look up to in photography, it would be Ansel Adams. I still visualize my photographs today using the Zone System as best I can. I know I can't measure up to his eye, but I can keep trying, it sure doesn't hurt.

I hope you enjoy the mood and feelings my images project as much as I love capturing, composing and framing them.

See photos of my work.

Please visit my Web site (still under construction), and my Facebook page to see more of my photographs.