Sandpiper member artist Pat Wallace

I have been a member of the Sandpiper Gallery since 1980. Having never taken any art courses I joined as one who appreciates the arts, rather than as an artist. I have held many offices in the organization and have been the treasurer since 1997.

My art career began after a trip to Norway. I am of Norwegian descent and while on a trip to that country I discovered some of the arts and crafts native to that country. I began by doing Norwegian embroidery, called Hardanger, and I have been stitching away since 1995. Then, through the Sons of Norway organization I had the opportunity to attend a Rosemaling workshop. During the 18th century and well into the 19th century whole houses, walls and ceilings, were decorated inside with this type of art. Because of the great immigration movement from Norway to the United States, this art was brought to this country where it has become a great favorite in the decorating of small objects in the Scandinavian style. I had never in my life held an artist's paintbrush in my hand until 2005 when I took the rosemaling workshop, at 75 years of age. I have been rosemaling, prolifically, since then and have painted in several of the styles. All are somewhat different, depending on which area of Norway it was created.  The most prominent styles are Rogaland, Telemark, Valdres and Gudbrandsdal. These styles are shown in the photos of some of my work.

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